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la PanotiQ Collection

We live in such a busy world that we tend to neglect the simple pleasures in life such as every lunch.

Finding this time in our busy lives can be a challenge, and la PanotiQ is here to help. We offer a full menu with the best of featuring French pastries and relaxing atmosphere. Dine in or pick something up from our Bakery (or order online) to make your day a pleasant one.


We make our baguette, rolls, artisan bread using traditional French recipes, baked every day in the ovens of our la PanotiQ Bakery Café. The aroma of French baguettes and artisan breads fills the air three times daily.


Our bakery boasts a heavenly display of mouth- watering pastries, from the classic Croissant to the more unique line-up such as our iconic Chocolate and Hazelnut Croissant.


Our favorite French treats and savory breakfast or brunch ideas will make mornings extra special. The menu served all day, includes a croissant sandwich made with ham and cheese, French toast, and Liege waffles. Our French Toast are drizzled with powdered sugar and served with  raspberry or mango purée.


Our sandwiches and salads make a great lunch option and are always made fresh to order, with the best ingredients. The menu featured a variety of sandwiches, including La PanotiQ’s signature offering the Parisian, made with ham and French AOP butter served on a French baguette or soft French roll; and the Brittany, made with wild albacore tuna, egg salad, avocado, tomato, romaine, and lemon Pesto.


We also serve a variety of “Savory Eats” such as a Salmon Puff Pastry, mushroom flan made with mushrooms, Risotto or French Soup. Our Risotto is inspired by the traditional recipe for Italian white risotto: white rice cooked in a generous sauce made of cream white wine and cheese with mushrooms and fried onions. Our delicious Cod Puff Pastry is a fillet of cod in a white butter shallot sauce, served French-style in a flaky puff pastry.

Mix and match your favorites to create a full nourishing and delicious meal.


When you taste our Desserts, you will understand why French Desserts are renowned throughout the world. We also carry a variety of whole cakes and tarts to take home with you. Stop by your local la PanotiQ send us an email at [email protected] or call directly our team.


The best coffee is served at la PanotiQ. At la PanotiQ, we always serve your coffee freshly ground and freshly brewed. We also serve other hot drinks that we would love you to discover. Try one of our carefully selected teas, or perhaps a cup of genuine hot chocolate.