On prend l’apéro?

Time For l’Apéro Time for l’apéro, the diminutive for apéritif (= Happy Hour time in the US) is the moment when french take time between the end of the work day and dinner.  […]

How Different Roasts Affect a Coffee Bean

Gourmet Coffee Shops and Drinks A good coffee drink always depends on the beans. The coffee beans are usually roasted to produce a specific flavor and aroma. The varied roasts of coffee beans mean that the coffee drinks offered at popular cafes will come with different smells and tastes. […]

Celebrate The French Holidays Paired With The Best Desserts

Parisian Inspirations – French Holidays Thinking about new alternatives to spending your next vacations or holidays? How about celebrating the most important historical events and accomplishments from another culture? Not only you will get to experience some entirely new customs and traditions, but you will also gain an invaluable perspective regarding your own culture – [...]

Mindfulness In Eating French Desserts

French Style Cafes We live in such a busy world that we tend to neglect the simple pleasures in life. Take eating, for example. More often than not, our eating habits are turning into some kind of duty or routine – an item in a to-do list to be marked throughout the day and keep [...]

Why Drink French Press Coffee?

San Francisco Bay Area Patisserie Walk into one of our French style cafes and you’ll find many people asking for French press coffee. In fact, the popularity of this beverage has been rising quite fast especially in the last decade. But, have you ever wondered why this is happening? What makes this form of coffee [...]

The Experience of a French Café

The Benefits of French Style Coffee Shops Sipping coffee in a Paris café is a must-have experience for anyone visiting the City of Lights. For those who can’t travel abroad this summer, you can enjoy the best aspects of French café dining at one of La PanotiQ’s San Francisco Bay Area locations. […]

French Culture and Traditions

French Food and Cafes Paris is the epicenter of French culture, but each region of the country has a unique style in terms of food, drink, and traditions. A common thread that ties them together is the focus on quality food and lively conversation. […]

The Origin of French Cuisine

French Food’s Evolution UNESCO lists French cuisine to the list of cultural objects that are considered part of the world’s ‘intangible cultural heritage.’ This honor recognizes the tremendous impact French food has. But where did French cuisine begin, and how did it come to dominate the culinary world? Talking about French cuisine as if it [...]

The Noble Croissant

French Pastries Croissants are a ubiquitous breakfast pastry throughout Europe. […]