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La PanotiQ

Bringing the best of France to the Bay Area

A family trip to France…that’s how it all began.

During a trip abroad, Mikhail and Natalya Guterman fell in love – with French cuisine.

As the Gutermans traveled throughout France, they experienced the culinary rich beauty of each uniquely different region, indulging in world-renowned pastries and magnificent desserts. Enchanted by the unique French way of approaching meals as an experience of pleasure and performance, they were inspired to attend food shows and exhibitions to enrich their learning. Fate placed them in the path of revered French chef Christophe Clarigo, whose innate talent and great love for sharing French cuisine sparked the Gutermans’ desire to recreate the authentic French experience for all to enjoy. Mikhail’s business expertise, Natalya’s culinary background in European cuisine, and chef Christophe’s unique recipes laid the foundation for a new family-owned bakery cafe.

Our name is a portmanteau, a French term for a blend of words to create something with new meaning. For us, La PanotiQ means a library of panoramas, our own curated display that represents the very best of our culinary experience in Europe. From the decadent Apple Tart Tatin and buttery Kouign Amann (pronounced “queen a-mahn”) to the traditional cafe fare of our France-inspired lunch menu: this panorama of culinary wonder is what dreams are made of… Thus, La PanotiQ was born.

So, step inside, and just for a moment, be transported to a quaint little sidewalk cafe in Paris. Bite into one of our flaky croissants, and be swept away on a culinary tour of the very best of France.

Our Values


We partner with companies that value quality, community and the environment.


We connect with our community, taking care of our guests and teams, like family.


Welcoming our guests and employees with a smile, energy,  attentiveness and gratitude.


Carefully selecting and serving only the best classic and modern French recipes.