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Our Values

La PanotiQ was created out of a passion for food, a love of family and community, and a desire to share our unique vision with our guests. Our values are based on these core principles, and we hope that you will embrace them as a member of our team.

Passion for Food

We believe in the European tradition of meals being a social experience. Good food, like good conversation, is meant to be shared. We are proud to provide our guests with authentic French pastries, desserts, and fare. We encourage them to step into our cafes, away from the hustle and bustle of daily routine, and slip away into a culinary indulgence beyond compare.

Love of Family and Community

We believe that our guests should be treated like family. Our cafes should be a place where our guests feel valued, tended to, and appreciated. We are here not just to serve them, we continue to be here because of them. We expect that our Team Members will be attentive, patient, and gracious hosts. We also believe that it is not enough for our cafes to be located within a community, but that they should be active participants of each unique local community. We do this by supporting community schools, non-profit organizations, and businesses.

Sharing our Vision

“In France, cooking is a serious art form and a national sport.”

― Julia Child

La PanotiQ was born out of a love of food, and the profound appreciation of food as a social connection between people. Our desire to share this philosophy through the sharing of exceptional food in our cafes is a driving force for every member of our team. We are here to provide our guests with a unique dining experience, unlike any other in our region, by offering the most authentic French pastries and desserts possible. We like to say that “La PanotiQ is the closest you will get to a Parisian café without a passport”, and we think that just one bite of one of our delicately flaky croissants will make you a believer.