On prend l’apéro?

Time For l’Apéro

Time for l’apéro, the diminutive for apéritif (= Happy Hour time in the US) is the moment when french take time between the end of the work day and dinner. 

  • Why apéro is so popular in France?

This time is for relaxation and sharing about your day with peers. It is a parentheses for a busy life. Europeans have dinner late into the evening, apéro is regarded as a little snack!

According to a study, 47% of the French population takes an apéritif at least once a week. “L’apéro” is a widespread ritual food in France, but the summer makes it even more enjoyable! For the French, it is a moment that illustrates the “sharing experience”. Most importantly, it is the perfect embodiment of the French mentality and way of life.

L’apéro is lot of people’s favorite moment during holiday: White wine, pistachios, charcuterie, saucisson or even cheese, l’apéro is a real lifestyle! When the weather is nice, this is the moment when terrasse are more and more busy: friends meet to discuss and share a good time together.

A drink that goes very well with charcuterie is Red wine, almost systematically served with ham, especially saucisson. However if it is hot, White Wine pairs well too!

  • But apéro is more than just the products. 

Done right, the charcuterie board is an art! First are the meats of course, then the mustard and pickles. Classic and traditional accompaniments are bread, olives and cornichons. The vinegar flavour of the cornichons pairs very well with charcuterie! All of this is enjoyed by friends, all with their hands. Apéro speaks to a different kind of indulgence, and more authentic than eating on a plate. And more friendly because it is most of the time shared!


L’apéro is a French tradition that we have happily embraced. La PanotiQ is offering an assortment of cured meats, artisan cheese & accompaniments for you to enjoy like the French!

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Sunny days are right around the corner!

Connect with us and share your apéro with us! A votre santé // cheers!