How Different Roasts Affect a Coffee Bean

Gourmet Coffee Shops and Drinks

A good coffee drink always depends on the beans. The coffee beans are usually roasted to produce a specific flavor and aroma. The varied roasts of coffee beans mean that the coffee drinks offered at popular cafes will come with different smells and tastes.

For instance, if you visit an Espresso shop, you would expect to be served with the traditional espresso coffee, which comes from a dark roast. French style coffee shops will most likely serve you coffee made from dark coffee roasts, too. Let’s take a look at the common types of coffee roasts, along with their uses.

• Dark Roasts
Dark coffee roasts deliver black or dark brown beans that are shiny and have an oily surface. They also look like chocolate, and they have a lower acidity level in a coffee drink. The dark roasts display boldness and a richer taste of the beverage. Most of the dark roasts will be commonly used for espresso blends.

Also, they will have various terms, such as French, Italian, Viennese, High, New Orleans, Continental, Spanish, and Espresso roasts.

• Medium-dark Roasts
These roasts contain a partially bittersweet flavor, and are rich and dark in color. Also, some oil will be visible on the surface of the beans. Medium dark roasts are also referred to as ‘Full City’ or ‘Vienna Roast/After-Dinner Roasts.’

They’re called Full City if the roasting stops at the start of the second crack, and Vienna or After-Dinner Roast, if the roasting stops in the middle of the second crack. They also have hint of spiciness.

• Medium Roasts
The medium roasted coffees feature an average brown color, a non-oily surface, and a strong flavor. This coffee roast is the most commonly served at the cafes in America, hence its name, ‘American Roast.’ The acidity level, aroma, and flavor are all balanced, and the caffeine level is reduced.

Roasting takes place between the end of the first crack, and slightly before the second crack. They are also called ‘Breakfast’ or ‘City’ roasts, and are used as breakfast options in the morning and served in the cities throughout the day.

• Light Roasts
As the name suggests, this coffee roast comes with a light-brown color, and lacks an oily surface. Normally, they will not be roasted for long to allow the oil to get to the surface of the beans. Roasting stops at the first crack of the beans. The light roasts are also called ‘Half City,’ ‘Cinnamon,’ and ‘Light City Roasts.’

Bay Area French Cafes

All the popular French cafes roast their coffee beans to a specific state depending on the different drinks they are intended for. In that respect, you should know your roast and how each looks and tastes for you to enjoy your beverage. La PanotiQ serves a variety of fine coffees in many different styles including drip, cold brew, pour-over, and French press. To find a location near you, visit and enjoy the experience of an authentic French Cafe.