Celebrate The French Holidays Paired With The Best Desserts

Parisian Inspirations – French Holidays

Thinking about new alternatives to spending your next vacations or holidays? How about celebrating the most important historical events and accomplishments from another culture? Not only you will get to experience some entirely new customs and traditions, but you will also gain an invaluable perspective regarding your own culture – all while having the best of times. Sounds good? Then, mark your calendars for these four unique celebrations, from a culture which knows how to throw their parties – the French.

1. New Year’s Eve – Le Nouvel An or Réveillon de la Saint-Sylvestre

Ever since the installment of the Gregorian calendar, the entire Western civilization rejoices with the departure of an old cycle and the welcoming of a new year. While the French people are no different, they do have some unique settings during this holiday. Le Nouvel An is all about abundance, giving a whole new meaning to the adage, “The More The Merrier.”
Whether private functions at home or public celebrations at some outdoor landmark, dozens and dozens of guests come together to rejoice – there are no strangers. Catering includes some of the best champagne paired with the most exquisite French pastries – including the all-so-popular bûche – similar to the Christmas log.

2. May Day – Labor Day or Fête du Travail

On May 1st, all of France halts to celebrate the bliss of work and social harmony. Traditionally, it is customary to exchange Muguet flowers as a good luck charm and a sign of affection. During May Day, expect big banquets filled with the most delightful French food.

3. Victory in Europe Day – l’Armistice du 8 Mai 1945

May 8th, 1945, marked the end of several years of tyranny and oppression, as the world reveled in the Victory in Europe, marking the beginning of the end of World War II. Today, the French people come together as one, honoring those who fell in battle fighting for humanity’s most prized gift, freedom or Liberté. Traditions include bringing flowers to the closest peace memorials and celebrating with your most loved ones. Enjoy this day with an abundant lunch and some delicious French desserts.

4. Bastille Day – La Fête de la Fédération

A celebration which remembers the 14th of July of 1790, when tens of thousands of Parisians flooded the streets to celebrate the new French Nation and the union and reconciliation of its people. There are several parades during the day and many feasts and parties at night. Arguably the most significant national holiday, it is sure to be packed with only the most exquisite French foods and drinks.

Let our French Bakery Cafe Help you Célébrer

The French sure know how to party, but you don’t have to go all the way to France to rejoice with them in their celebrations. In the San Francisco Bay Area, you can observe, revel, and experience these holidays with only the best culinary options at La PanotiQ Bakery Cafe, paired with the most delicious French pastries and French desserts. Bon appetit!