Mindfulness In Eating French Desserts

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We live in such a busy world that we tend to neglect the simple pleasures in life. Take eating, for example. More often than not, our eating habits are turning into some kind of duty or routine – an item in a to-do list to be marked throughout the day and keep on going. However, it doesn’t have to be this way. Instead, what if the next time you’re indulging in your favorite French pastries you make it a unique and refreshing experience?

While it doesn’t have to be a difficult task, you do have to let go of your thoughts and worries so you can surrender to this gastronomical journey. This eating experience is called “Mindful Eating,” and is one of the many variants under the mindfulness life philosophy.

Even though the mindfulness movement in the Western society became popular in the early 80’s after Jon Kabat-Zinn founded the MBSR (Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction), the whole concept has been around for thousands of years. Mindfulness is increasingly gaining popularity as a powerful and efficient treatment against most of our modern psychological afflictions and, ultimately, as a healthy and wholesome lifestyle. However, it’s not all about meditation and yoga. A mindful eating experience can be very simple and is the first step towards a better living.

While there are no strict rules regarding the vast culinary options to have a mindful eating experience, some plates will definitely yield better results. French desserts and gourmet pastries in a beautiful coffee shop are the perfect ways to enjoy a delightful and unique culinary adventure. Since they’re so invigorating to our senses with delicious flavors, soothing aromas, and elegant designs and settings, you will see that even the smallest treats can be more than enough to take you out on a journey – even more so when you eat them mindfully.

With each bite you take, try your absolute best to focus just on the thoughts, emotions, and feelings within the food you’re savoring. No meetings, no deadlines, no goals, no past, and no future – just you, your awareness, and that present moment in time with that gourmet pastry. As you walk this path, you’ll find yourself free of all your worries and anxieties, even if briefly.

Additionally, mindful eating is all about giving thanks. As you savor these treats at one of those small, quiet, and authentic French bakeries, take a few seconds to acknowledge everything and everyone involved in this process. The heating sun, the nurturing rain, the fertile soil, and the gentle time. Also, appreciate the devoted harvesters, the farmers,the bakers, the baristas, the waiters, and everyone around you. This praising state of mind immediately relieves you from your burdens, fears, and stresses – a small glimpse of peaceful awareness which life in mindfulness can give you.

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We recommend that you make mindfulness a habit by visiting one of our San Francisco Bay Area French style Cafes and Bakeries. Live life fully by escaping the hustle and bustle. Our bakery cafes deliver the best French pastries and relaxing atmospheres to make your journey a pleasant one. Carpe diem!