Why Drink French Press Coffee?

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Walk into one of our French style cafes and you’ll find many people asking for French press coffee. In fact, the popularity of this beverage has been rising quite fast especially in the last decade. But, have you ever wondered why this is happening? What makes this form of coffee preferred over other types?

A Bit about French Press Coffee

French press coffee is made using an elegant glass pot. Coarsely ground coffee is added to the container followed by water that has been heated to 205 degrees and let to sit for 30 seconds. Then the grounds are “plunged” to the bottom of the glass, using the pressure to force the coffee through a sieve with only the purest coffee passing through. Unlike other types of coffee brewers and makers, the press doesn’t feature a paper or cup filter.

What Makes It Unique?

  1. Capturing the Flavor

Ever heard of the saying, “Wake up and smell the coffee?” The quality of coffee is usually judged by the aroma and this is why many baristas and connoisseurs use methods that can bring out the entire aroma. Due to using pressure rather than relying on very hot water, coffee made using a French press has a very strong and rich aroma and makes every cup enchanting.

  1. Rich and Dark Color

Whether in a French bakery or sitting outdoors, one aspect about coffee is people pay close attention to the color. The richer and darker the color, the more enjoyable a cup will be. French coffee presses are known to produce high-quality coffee due to the absence of a paper filter or cup which traps some of the richness and color.

  1. Authentic Taste

Not all coffee is the same, and this is why we have varieties such as mocha, espresso, brewed and many more. However, if you are looking for the authentic taste, than French press coffee is the way to go. Unlike high heat or hot water, pressure extracts all the taste and aroma without destroying the delicate compounds.

  1. Healthy Oils

Coffee is rich in natural oils that give it its smell and flavor. Unfortunately, these nutrients are destroyed or altered by extreme heat or gets lost when the oils stick and remain on the filters. To ensure that this doesn’t happen coffee shops and bakeries are turning to French press coffee makers. Nutrients such as Methylpyridinium may lower the risk of cancer, while antioxidants like lipophilic and chlorogenic acid lactones may eradicate free radicals that cause neural synapses, Parkinson’s, dementia or premature aging*.

French Press Coffee

These are some of the unique reasons that make French press coffee a top choice for many people. We invite you to visit one of our LaPanotiQ Bakery Cafes and indulge your senses in a French press coffee today. Couple it with one of our gourmet pastries for the perfect combination. C’est magnifique!


*These statements are not intended as medical advice.