The Experience of a French Café

The Benefits of French Style Coffee Shops

Sipping coffee in a Paris café is a must-have experience for anyone visiting the City of Lights. For those who can’t travel abroad this summer, you can enjoy the best aspects of French café dining at one of La PanotiQ’s San Francisco Bay Area locations.

The best elements of a French café experience are:

  • Patrons are encouraged to linger. In French cafés, customers can stay as long as they like, enjoying their food and the company of their friends. La PanotiQ continues this tradition at all of our locations.
  • Coffee is King. French café patrons are there for the coffee. Whether it is espresso, café au lait, petite or grande café crème or Café Noisette, coffee is the reason to see and be seen at a café. Bay Area residents can find a full range of French style coffee in their own backyard at La PanotiQ. After 6 months of careful and considerate research and testing, we selected Bicycle Coffee from Oakland, CA as our purveyor. We are proud to serve fair trade, sustainably grown, and locally roasted coffee!
  • Classic French flavors. Simple but freshly prepared meals of soup, salad and sandwiches are served at most French cafés, although gourmet pastries and classic French desserts are standard fare. La PanotiQ serves a classic French café brunch and lunch menu. The bakery produces exquisite French desserts and pastries. Our traditional types of French breads are baked three times a day to ensure that they are at their peak!

French Style Bakery Cafés Right Here at Home

Whether you are spending time with friends or a engaging in a good book, La PanotiQ provides the quintessential French café experience – plus you don’t need a passport! We embody the best aspects of a French café with friendly and helpful staff. Come by for coffee, a light meal or dessert, and enjoy a little bit of Paris in your own backyard.